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miércoles, 23 de junio

Cloud Native Asturias Jun'21

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Welcome to the Cloud Native Asturias Jun'21 event! On this occasion, we have two amazing speakers that bring to the table their cloud-related talks.

Note: All talks will be driven in English

Docker: Strong Foundations for Verifiable Secure Deployments

Jose Manuel Redondo, PhD & Associate Professor

Docker is one of the most used software for containerizing applications nowadays. However, deploying an application in Docker requires fine-tuning the configuration to achieve effective isolation and avoid security problems. In this talk I show a way of doing that following tried and trusted security recommendations, so anybody can follow them to achieve a high-security level even starting with basic knowledge of Docker.

Advanced analysis of container's security

Jesus Escolar, CEO of EXELERYS

CEO of EXELERYS, an emerging start-up fighting cybersecurity threats through multiple consolidated services and solutions portfolio across EMEA. He has intervened in multiple events including Cloud Expo Europe, ISACA, InfoSec, CNCF Paris, CNCF London, UbuCon Europe, UbuCon France, SWWARP, to provide a holistic view on the actual and future view on threat intelligence, where problems and solutions for known and unknown issues were addressed and discussed.

Prior to founding EXELERYS, Jesus was working actively with security vendors worldwide providing enablement and education across the different security issues the corporations faced, working closely with different cross-department teams for years building active solutions for their enterprise customers.

EXELERYS in pioneering the integration of security operations in the Cloud Native Applications ecosystem, in the DevOps CI/CD lifecycle and in the serverless ecosystem with multi-vendor integrations and open security standards.

You can reach him at [email protected] or follow the Twitter accounts: @EXELERYS and @VirtualBlackCat


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Cloud Native Asturias


23 de junio de 2021, 16:30 - 17:30 UTC

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