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Cloud Native Asturias


Elevating the Asturian technological landscape through world-wide collaboration

What do we do?

We help promote the technology industry in Asturias by reducing the gap between our technology professionals and a broader international network of professionals around the world.

Why do we do it?

In recent decades, traditional Asturian industries and sectors have been losing strength and relevance. It is time to shake it all up and place the tech industry as the main driver of our region. We have talent and great potential, so we must act locally and think globally.

How do we do it?

We follow a bottom-up approach to empower our tech professionals. Cloud Native Asturias provides them the international framework needed to shine and be heard beyond our frontiers. We are all in the same boat and we can’t do it alone.

When is it a good time to do it?

NOW! Join us! Reach out and start creating impact from day 1.

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